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Discover ancient Rome with Julia the Goose

Discover ancient Rome with Julia the Goose

  • Text by: Corinna Angiolino
  • Pictures and graphics by: Dario Calì
  • Size: cm 21×20
  • Pages: 48
  • Price: € 18,00

Discover Ancient Rome with Julia the Goose (Archeojunior series) is a kid guide designed to play and learn, but not only! The civilization of Ancient Rome is represented through the reconstruction of ancient monuments with images. The main character, Giulia the Goose, takes the children to discover the most important places and buildings in Rome, with games and curiosities, explaining their use, what was done inside them and who frequented them. Have fun finding Giulia the Goose, the guardian of the Campidoglio, hidden among the various

Available in the following languages:
  • Italian (978-88-6668-145-8)
  • English (978-88-6668-146-5)
  • French (978-88-6668-147-2)
  • Spanish (978-88-6668-148-9)
  • German (978-88-6668-149-6)
  • Russian (978-88-6668-093-2)
  • Portuguese (978-88-6668-095-6)
  • Chinese (978-88-6668-097-0)

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