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Sicily reconstructed

Sicily reconstructed

Sicily Reconstructed guides the reader to discover the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, from its ancient origins to the contemporary age.
  • Text by: Fabiana Benetti, Linda De Santis
  • Pictures and graphics by: Francesco Spadoni, Oliver Mensa, Lorenzo Paganelli
  • 14 graphic reconstructions, 9 of which made on perforated and shaped cardboards. 14 videos are available in different languages by using QR-codes
  • Size: cm 18,5×16,8
  • Pages: 102
  • Price: € 17.00

Starting from the thousand-year old Palermo and proceeding along the coasts of Sicily, you will discover the main points of historical and artistic interest, from cities rich in monuments to archaeological sites narrated through images and texts that provide insights on curiosities, myths and legends. New reconstructive illustrations overlap with today’s image of various places showing, with our patented paper techniques, how the island appeared in ancient times, from the first Greek colonies to the baroque age. The book also includes 15 videos about the main locations covered and a 40-minute documentary narrated in 6 languages. The videos are accessible in streaming, via PC, tablet and smart phone.

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Available in the following languages:
  • Italian ISBN (978-88-6668-127-4)
  • English ISBN (978-88-6668-128-1)
  • French ISBN (978-88-6668-131-1)
  • Spanish ISBN (978-88-6668-129-8)
  • German ISBN (978-88-6668-130-4)
  • Russian ISBN (978-88-6668-132-8)

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