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Everyday Life in Imperial Rome

Everyday Life in Imperial Rome

How was Rome when the Colosseum was inaugurated, a day in June back in 80 AD? How did the Roman citizens live? What were their habits?
  • Paperboard binding, with interior spiral
  • 33 graphic reconstructions, 9 of which made on perforated and shaped cardboards. 14 videos are available in different languages by using QR-codes
  • Text by: Maria Antonietta Lozzi Bonaventura
  • Size: cm 18,5×16,8
  • Pages: 102
  • Price: € 17.00

Everyday Life in Imperial Rome takes the reader on an imaginary voyage at the time of the Flavian Rome. The daily life, customs and traditions of the ancient city are narrated through reconstructive illustrations of the places and scenes set in the 1st century AD made with patented paper converting solutions. Following a didactic criterion that respects the guidelines of specialist studies, the book tells the history, customs and traditions of ancient Rome and explores aspects of everyday life. Civil and religious life, the school, the gastronomy, the powerful army, the theatre, the sport shows, the chariot races and the games are described in great detail. Even the streets, the aqueducts and the baths are reconstructed with photos and illustrations. The volume contains QR codes to watch (on smart phones or tablets) 11 video clips made in computer graphics and a password to stream the online documentary Ancient Rome with virtual reconstructions and subtitles in 12 languages. Italian texts by Maria Antonietta Lozzi Bonaventura

Available in the following languages:
  • Italian (978-88-6668-078-9)
  • English (978-88-6668-079-6)
  • French (978-88-6668-082-6)
  • Portuguese-Brazilian (978-88-6668-084-0)
  • Russian (978-88-6668-083-3)
  • Spanish (978-88-6668-080-2)
  • German (978-88-6668-081-9)
  • Dutch (978-88-6668-087-1)
  • Japanese (978-88-6668-085-7)
  • Chinese (978-88-6668-086-4)

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