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Making reconstructions

Archeolibri publications are characterized by the use of reconstructive graphic illustrations with a realistic photo effect, which overlap with today’s photographic image allowing the reader to travel in the past. Our reconstructions are designed to make a great impact on the reader: this is why we take care of both the quality of the design and the choice and color rendering in detail. The reconstruction is guaranteed to be scientifically reliable and faithful to historical sources and archaeological evidence.

Teatro di Taormina oggi (Archeolibri)
Teatro di Taormina bozzetto (Archeolibri)
Ricostruzione del passato del Teatro di Taormina (Archeolibri)

The first step is the choice of the topic and the monument to be recreated, and then the choice of the present photograph. The editorial staff studies the historical and archaeological aspects with the support of experts and art historians. After that, a sketch is made to outline the aspects to be highlighted in the reconstruction, chosen after consulting the historical sources of the time. A very important element of our reconstructions is the realistic setting: in addition to the architectural aspect we want to show our readers a glimpse of life from the past, showing people in the streets, their customs, their clothes. This will include what the monuments were used for in ancient times and how people interacted with them. The sketch created in the editorial office is entrusted to professional designers, specialized in graphic reconstructions of monuments, who, following the guidelines of specialists and giving space to their creativity, create photo-realistic illustrations. At this point, all that remains is to outline the areas of the reconstruction to be die-cut, in order to make visible the photo of the current monument.

Archeolibri’s reconstructions are the result of the creativity and study of a team of art and archeology lovers. Travel into the past with us!

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