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Especially designed for tourists and for travelers, The Archeoguides have a mainly informative aim, they are easy to read and to carry in your backpack. Through a patented method that, overlapping drawings and images, reconstructions ancient monuments no longer existing and recalls scenes of daily life in the past, you can observe the differences between the now and the then. Immerse yourself in Florence at the time of the House of Medici or in the Serenissima Republic of Venice, explore the sumptuous buildings of Pompeii, of the Magna Graecia or of the Roman Empire.

Other Publications

Multimedial DVD Videos with reconstructions about Ancient Rome, Pompeij and Florence will lead you through streets and monuments of the most beautiful Italian cities. These virtual “archeoguides” contain videos and animation realized with innovative techniques in 3D-Graphics which will make you travel into the past. All DVDs are “double-face” and are available in both formats PAL and NTSC.