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Venice then and now

Venice then and now

‘When I seek another word for “music”, I never find any other word than Venice’ (Friedrich Nietzsche).
  • Text by: Alessandra Zamperini, Fabiana Benetti, Alessandra Segatori
  • Pictures and graphics by: Francesco Spadoni, Oliver Mensa, Fabiana Benetti
  • Size: cm 18,5×16,8
  • Pages: 102
  • Price: € 17.00

For centuries, Venice has inspired poets and writers, has welcome travelers and has been the gateway between the East and the West. The archaeoguide Venice Then and Now takes the reader through the most historically significant places of the lagoon city. Thanks to an original patented paper converting technique that overlaps the drawings to the images of today’s Venice, you will discover how the life in the Serenissima was during the period of its maximum splendor. Starting from St. Mark’s Square with its Basilica, the Campanile (Bell Tower) and the Doge’s Palace, you will get to the Arsenale passing through the suggestive Rialto Bridge, Campo San Polo and the magnificent palaces on the Grand Canal. Venezia Ieri e Oggi will show you, in detail, the interiors of the Ca’ d’Oro palace, the masks of the Carnival and the costumes of Venetian nobility. The book is enriched by 10 HD videos about the main sites and a 20-minute HD documentary with different aerial shots and descriptions both in Italian and English, accessible through QR codes.

Available in the following languages:
  • Italian (978-88-6668-139-7)
  • English (978-88-6668-140-3)
  • French (978-88-6668-142-7)
  • Spanish (978-88-6668-141-0)
  • German (978-88-6668-143-4)
  • Russian (978-88-6668-144-1)

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