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Rome Reconstructed

Rome Reconstructed

‘In this place the entire history of the world is ravelled up, and I feel I was born a second time, really born again, the day in which I set foot in Rome’ (J. W. Von Goethe).
  • Paperboard binding, with interior spiral
  • Size: cm 18,8×16,8
  • Pages: 96 + poster (cm 49×15,5)
  • Price: € 17.00
  • This book is also available in a larger size (25,5 x 22,8)Rome Reconstructed Maxi Edition at the price of € 25.00

Rome Reconstructed is an archaeological guide that shows how Rome was more than 2000 years ago. Through a patented paper-based method, which consists in overlapping the reconstruction with today’s image using perforated and shaped cardboard, you will discover the grandeur of Imperial Rome. The guide is full of photographs, drawings, maps and descriptions of the Eternal City’s archaeological sites: the Colosseum, the Imperial Fora, the Basilica of Maxentius, the Tiber Island and much more. A part of the guide is dedicated to the Vatican, with a cross section of the St. Peter’s Basilica and its history from the ancient Constantine Basilica to the present time. The book includes also a mini poster of Ancient Rome back in the time of Constantine (4th century AD). You will also find 10 QR codes to see short videos of monuments and a password to stream (on PC, smart phone and tablet) a documentary with virtual reconstructions made with computer graphics.

Available in the following languages:
  • Italian (ISBN 978-88-6668-023-9)
  • English (ISBN 978-88-6668-024-6)
  • French (ISBN 978-88-6668-026-0)
  • German (ISBN 978-88-6668-025-3)
  • Spanish (ISBN 978-88-6668-027-7)
  • Arabic (ISBN 978-88-6668-042-0)
  • Czech (ISBN 978-88-6668-038-3)
  • Croatian (ISBN 978-88-6668-039-0)
  • Chinese (ISBN 978-88-6668-033-8)
  • Mandarin Chinese (ISBN 978-88-6668-036-9)
  • Korean (ISBN 978-88-6668-035-2)
  • Japanese (ISBN 978-88-6668-032-1)
  • Greek (ISBN 978-88-6668-034-5)
  • Dutch (ISBN 978-88-6668-029-1)
  • Polish (ISBN 978-88-6668-031-4)
  • Portuguese (ISBN 978-88-6668-030-7)
  • Romanian (ISBN 978-88-6668-037-6)
  • Russian (ISBN 978-88-6668-028-4)
  • Slovak (ISBN 978-88-6668-041-3)
  • Hungarian (ISBN 978-88-6668-040-6)

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