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Poster Imperial Rome Junior

Poster Imperial Rome Junior

  • Closed format: 17 x 24
  • Open format: 17 x 24
  • Year of publication: 2018
  • Price: €7.00

The Imperial Rome lives again in an original design created for children, with a wealth of details and numerous curiosities. Kids can free their imagination by inventing one or more paths to get to their favorite destination through alleys, ancient neighborhoods, temples and much more. The map includes a reconstruction of the city in the Imperial era, a legend to identify the main places and short texts in five languages to learn about the traditions and customs of the Romans: history, games, places, deities and much more. To continue playing while learning to browse our ArcheoGame Rome.

Available in the following languages:
  • Multilingual edition (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German)
  • COD: 978-88-6668-153-3

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