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Journey to discover ancient Rome reconstructed with historical illustrations.
  • Hardback cover with internal spiral
  • 34 graphic reconstructions of which 11 die-cut and 11 films reproducible via QR codes
  • Text by: Maria Antonietta Lozzi Bonaventura and Fabiana Benetti
  • Size: 22.5 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 96
  • Price: €25 with digital content

ArcheoRoma is the new Archeolibri publication. Faithful to the informative nature of the Archeoguide line whose offer it enriches, ArcheoRoma is characterized by its new format, specially formulated to enhance the images, and by the vivid reconstructive illustrations which, superimposed on the photos of the ancient monuments of imperial Rome, they bring the past to life by showing its architectural, artistic and cultural aspects. Through an ideal itinerary that easily runs through the city, the tourist can see how the ancient ruins might have appeared in their splendor in the 2nd century AD. Digital content such as Video and Augmented Reality is also available, accessible via QR codes and a specific downloadable App for free. The volume is suitable for a transversal audience, from school-age children, to tourists, to enthusiasts with the curiosity to delve deeper into lesser-known visual and thematic aspects.

Furthermore, the careful selection of contents, in a single volume, offers a complete panorama of all the most iconic places of the city, completing the visit compared to the other Archeoguides, together with interesting ones.

Available in the following languages:
  • Italian: 97 88866 68 0925
  • French: 97 88866 68 0130
  • Spanish: 97 88866 68 0949
  • English: 97 88866 68 0024
  • German: 97 88866 68 0963

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