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Cost of images

Price list

Graphic and digital reconstructions:

  • Inner pages: € 150.00 (VAT Excl.) up to half page layout- € 200.00 (VAT Excl.) in full page layout
  • Front cover: € 290.00 (VAT Excl.)
  • Back cover: € 200.00 (VAT Excl.)


  • Inner pages: € 90.00 (VAT Excl.)
  • Front cover: € 180.00 (VAT Excl.)
  • Back cover: € 120.00 (VAT Excl.)

Terms and conditions

The use of ARCHEOLIBRI s.r.l. images is subject to acceptance by the customer of the following conditions:

  1. Reproduction rights are granted on non-exclusive licence basis and include a one-time use for a single work.
  2. Archeolibri s.r.l. guarantees all photograph rights, but cannot ensure that all images are available for the type of use selected by the customer.
  3. The reproduction rights fee – of which we enclose the price list (VAT excluded) – for the purpose requested, includes a one-time use of an image in colour and/or black and white, on non-exclusive licence basis and for a limited period.
  4. Reproduction rights are granted only upon invoice payment. Payment terms are in 30 days. In case of delayed payment, Archeolibri s.r.l. will add interest to the total amount due.
  5. Billing information (rights and countries of distribution, invoice format) must be provided upon request.
  6. You may request the mailing of image files (TIFF, JPG, etc.) on CD-ROM or via FTP. The files in compressed format can be sent by email.
  7. The customer cannot, in any case, duplicate files, or give them away for whatever purpose, sell, distribute them online or otherwise give them to third parties. The customer agrees to delete all image files within 120 days from the receiving or download.
  8. The photographs and other images are protected by copyright. Violators may be punished according to law. Unauthorized use of Archeolibri s.r.l’s images will be invoiced at the price of the corresponding rights from unauthorized use multiplied by two.
    None of the provided images can be used in different publications without the written permission of Archeolibri s.r.l..
    Archeolibri s.r.l. will invoice the reuse of an image already charged with a 50% discount on the price list in effect at the time of the customer’s notice, while reuse of images in a different work will be charged at full price.
  9. Next to each reproduction or in the copyright page, on each copy of the published media, the licensee must strictly indicate the following copyright notice: “© ARCHEOLIBRI srl, Rome –,” also citing any other owners of the image (indicated by Archeolibri). Any failure to include this credit authorizes Archeolibri s.r.l. to charge an additional € 80.00 fee over the agreed cost for the single photograph.
  10. Archeolibri s.r.l. guarantees the non-exclusive right to reproduce its images on CD-ROM, DVD or the Internet only once, in a single electronic product, at a size that must not exceed 640 x 480 pixels.
    On web pages, on CD-ROMs or DVDs, there where Archeolibri’s images appear, the credit must state: “©ARCHEOLIBRI s.r.l., Rome –” Any failure to include this credit authorizes Archeolibri s.r.l. to charge an additional € 80.00 fee over the agreed cost for the single photograph.
  11. A copy of the finished work, as soon as available, must be sent to Archeolibri s.r.l. In case of publication on the Internet, the URL will be sufficient.
  12. All shipping fees are charged to the customer.
  13. Archeolibri s.r.l. is committed to respecting the privacy for customer’s works under construction.
  14. This contract is governed by Italian law and recognizes the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.
I accept the terms and conditions mentioned above including, if present, any attached price list, or quoted price. I will abide by the same terms for any future requests for Archeolibri s.r.l’s photographic images.
VAT must be added to all prices above. If you buy more than 5 images you will get a discount of 20%, if you buy 10 or more images you will get a discount of 25%. For the supply of custom images, please contact Archeolibri s.r.l. at the following email address:
PRIVACY POLICY – ITALIAN LAW N. 196 of 30 June, 2003
We inform you that the data you provided, or which we acquired from third parties in accordance with law, will be treated in compliance with the rules of confidentiality and those of the aforementioned law. The data controller is the company ARCHEOLIBRI S.R.L., with registered office in Rome, Via della Magliana, 74 / E – ZIP Code 00146, where you can ask to exercise all rights provided for in Art. 7 of Decree Law N. 196/2003.