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Villa d’Este – Villa Adriana: then and now

Villa d’Este – Villa Adriana: then and now

‘In these days I have been to Tivoli, where I admired one of the greatest view offered by nature. Those waterfalls, together with the ruins and the whole landscape, are among the things whose knowledge makes us inwardly, profoundly richer’ (J. W. Goethe).
  • Paperboard binding, with interior spiral
  • 11 reconstructions and Tivoli’s maps
  • Size: cm 18,5×16,8
  • Pages: 68
  • Price: € 12.00

Tivoli, a few km away from Rome, with its villas set in a wonderful landscape is a city of great historical and artistic interest. Villa d’Este – Villa Adriana Then and Now is a double-sided guide dedicated to the city in the Lazio region. Through reconstructions made with our paper converting techniques, it recalls both the panorama of the famous residence of Emperor Hadrian and that of the Tiburtina residence of Ippolito d’Este, with its numerous fountains and unique water games.

Available in the following languages:
  • Italian (ISBN 978-88-95512-53-2)
  • English (ISBN 978-88-95512-54-9)
  • French (ISBN 978-88-95512-55-6)
  • German (ISBN 978-88-95512-56-3)
  • Spanish (ISBN 978-88-95512-57-0)
  • Russian (ISBN 978-88-95512-58-7)

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