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DVD Florence. A video guide

DVD Florence. A video guide

  • Length: About 25 minutes
  • System: PAL and NTSC
  • Price: € 6.90

The multilingual DVD attached to the archaeological guide of Florence tells the story of this unique city, rich in art and culture. It features several spectacular reconstructions of the city in Medieval and Renaissance times that allow the spectator to relive the Florentine past. You will discover the secrets of the Brunelleschi’s Dome and the history of Signoria Square; you will relive the Florentine football in Santa Croce square and admire the many wonders of the Uffizi Gallery. The DVD is double-sided: the same disk can be read by the PAL video system (side A) and by the NTSC video system (side B). In addition, this DVD can be used as a valuable teaching tool for students of all ages and nationalities.

Available in the following languages:
  • Languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian
  • COD: 9788895512877

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