About us

About us

About us

Passion for archeology and for the Italian historical and artistic heritage has resulted in Archeolibri, a publishing house that recalls the past through reconstructive images.

Archeolibri was founded in 2007, following the ten-year collaboration between Lozzi Roma and Editrice Millenium, both specialized in the tourism publishing sector and belonging to the Gruppo Lozzi Editori.

Our editorial project is mainly based on publications providing informative material based on rigorous scientific research, dedicated to sites, places and cities with a rich historical, archaeological and artistic heritage. Our so-called “archeoguide” ('archeoguides') and multimedia products target everyone, from tourists to readers interested in magnificent archaeological reconstructions and spectacular settings.

The multimedia applications, based on virtual movies and 3D graphic reconstructions, represent interesting means of education and effectively compare the appearance of a monument in the past and in the present. For this reason, Archeolibri is committed to creating, in addition to DVDs, publications that take advantage of new technologies.

Archeolibri can count on the passion and experience of its business partners and internal team, as well as on qualified external collaborators expert in illustrations, movies and 3D drawings and models. In this way, the publishing company can print books that are always in line with the times.

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